Installation Instructions

Click here for the pdf.


Position your Baking Buddy Hide-Away Helper on the cabinet door back of your choice, leaving the adhesive backer in place. Using masking tape, affix the sheet to the door.

Hold the measuring utensils you’ll store on your Baking Buddy where they will hang on the sheet. Check to assure that clearance will exist between the utensils and cabinet shelves when the door is closed. Shift your Baking Buddy either higher or lower on the cabinet door back (or change the height of cabinet shelving if adjustable) so that clearance will be achieved when installation is complete.

Re-affix masking tape at each corner of your Baking Buddy to hold it in place.

Beginning at one corner, peel back the adhesive backer and fold it beneath the sheet and door surface. Apply the sheet corner firmly to the door back surface. Press firmly. Continue to pull back the adhesive backer beneath the sheet a few inches at a time, pressing and smoothing out your Baking Buddy until the entire sheet is affixed.

After your Baking Buddy is affixed to the cabinet door surface, install adhesive-backed utensil hooks at the marked locations and hang utensils to complete installation.

If you need to reposition your Baking Buddy, simply and gently pull back at one corner until the sheet is free from the surface and reapply, smoothing as you go.